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Ethnic Weaves is an all-women enterprise that was born out of a casual chat one fine coffee morning following an exhibition of Indian clothing held in Abu Dhabi. The scarcity of exquisite and exclusive hand crafted clothing triggered a spark in us. This spark has brought us here in our journey with the opening of our very first boutique in Abu Dhabi.

We are all too familiar with the expatriate lifecycle and the mad rush we must go through when we go on our vacations to India – balancing family, our holiday and the stressful shopping experience that often leaves us with feelings like “I wish, I had more time”; “this is so common, is there anything exclusive or unique”; “the store is so far, we don’t have the time”; “Next time maybe” sounds familiar, doesn’t it? We have been there too! So here we are with our humble attempt to help eliminate those feelings. We bring to you exclusive, hand-crafted and thoroughly curated clothing from every nook and cranny we can find back home. To be honest, we haven’t even scratched the surface yet and there is already an overwhelming collection. We source direct from weavers and designers in India and we ensure that we do not repeat our designs. The expat community is a small circle, how would it be if we wore the same clothing as some else at the same event? We guarantee our products are 100% exclusive irrespective of price…what that means is that we do not repeat the same design, colour, pattern, weave in any of our range of products, each one is unique and a beauty in its own right.

We have our customers spread across the USA, UK, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, UAE and why even India…speaks volumes about our products doesn’t it? We look forward to welcoming you to our store, should you like a product on this website and do not live in Abu Dhabi, drop us a note, we will arrange to have it delivered to you – wherever you are.

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